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The Rhode Island Horticultural Society

Rhode Island gardeners, horticulturists and nursery professionals around the State need and want to be better connected. Visitors to the State have some difficulty finding information about gardens or gardening activities. Many groups compete for the same audience and funding resources. The RIHS will be the catalyst to mitigate these problems and create a better understanding of gardening and horticulture and how it can better our quality of life.

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The RIHS goals and objectives

  • Acting as an information resource for Rhode Islanders and visitors to the State
  • Bringing together all entities within Rhode Island who have any connection whatsoever with gardening and horticulture: gardeners both professional and amateur, horticulturists, nurserymen, retail garden center owners, farmers, other societies such as Southside Community Land Trust, RI Federation of Garden Clubs, RI Wild Plant Society, RI Orchid Society, NE Carnivorous Plant Society...
  • The Society would be center for disseminating information about all lectures, and activities of other horticultural entities in the State.
  • Promoting interest in gardening, tourism and horticulture in Rhode Island
  • Encouraging visitors to the State to participate in gardening activities and visit the State‚Äôs public gardens
  • Promoting education in gardening and horticulture

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